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Collins, Ken. Ken Collins was created by “Jose Vaca,” the pseudonym of Edwin Truett Long (Bacchus Hallahan, Johnny Harding, Doc Harker, Jarnegan), and appeared in twenty-four stories in Spicy Adventure Stories from 1935 to 1942, beginning with “Jungle Jinx” (Spicy Adventure Stories, Sept 1935).

Ken Collins is a hard-boiled soldier of fortune active in Central America, selling his services to the highest bidder, regardless of their moral worth. Collins is an aviator and a veteran of World War One and the Spanish Foreign Legion (versus the Rif rebels) and has no compunctions about killing–which in his line of work is a good thing, especially for the people he works for and in the places he works–but his years at war have left him slightly mentally unstable, and in at least one story he goes mad.

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