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Clifford. Clifford was created by “Victor Rousseau,” the pseudonym of Victor Rousseau Emanuel (Jim AnthonyIvan Brodsky, Ronald Gowan, Phileas Immanuel, King of Knaves, King’s Courier, Professor MacBeard, Isabel Marston, Dr. Martinus, Pennell, Shawm, Thorne, Mr. X), and appeared in the story serial “The Draught of Eternity” (All-Story, June 1-22, 1918); the serial was collected in The Draught of Eternity (1924).

Clifford and Chandra Pal are a pair of researchers who experiment with the extract of marijuana. Clifford wakes up thousands of years in the future, when America has been conquered by the Yellow Peril Yuki and whites are slaves to Asians. Clifford, now in the body of Ruuf, a half-white, half-Asian prince, leads a rebellion against Prince Timour, but the rebellion fails. Timour is killed and Clifford drinks extract of cannabis to return to his home time. Once back, he discovers that Chandra Pal died in the same fashion as Timour.

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