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City of the Singing Flame. The City of the Singing Flame was created by Clark Ashton Smith (Maal Dweb, Malygris, Satampra Zeiros, Zothique) and appeared in “The City of the Singing Flame” (Wonder Stories, July 1931) and “Beyond the Singing Flame” (Wonder Stories, Nov. 1931).

The City of the Singing Flame is an other-worldly city

whose massive towers and mountainous ramparts of red stone were such as the Anakim of undiscovered worlds might build. Wall on beetling wall, spire on giant spire, it soared to confront the heavens, maintaining everywhere the severe and solemn lines of a rectilinear architecture. It seemed to overwhelm and crush down the beholder with its stern and crag-like imminence.

It is full of transdimensional pilgrims who are visiting a “green and dazzling” flame, and the city is under attack.

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