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City of Endless Night. The City of Endless Night was created by Milo Milton Hastings (Ethel Calvert) and appeared in the story serial “Children of ‘Kultur’” (True Story, June-Nov 1919); the serial was collected as The City of Endless Night (1920).

World War One stretches on for over a century, and the Germans, facing defeat, retreat to Berlin, where they build a vast underground fortress on top of which is a metal dome which is resistant to all forms of force. The World Government repeatedly tries to attack the fortress, but the Germans have advanced weaponry and all attacks on the fortress fail. An American engineer, Lyman de Forrest, is investigating an abandoned mine when he is caught in a tunnel collapse. The other Americans believe he is dead and abandon him, but he recovers and sees that there are dead Germans in the tunnel, and that one of the Germans resembles him. De Forrest decides to impersonate the German, Captain Karl Arnstadt, and when the Germans from the Berlin arrive to rescue their comrades they find only De Forrest/Arnstadt.

They believe his deception and take him back to Berlin, which has been transformed into a fascistic, structured society which anticipates the Nazis in a number of ways, from the social and class stratification to the obsession with eugenics and a Fuhrer-like Kaiser who has had the Bible rewritten to justify his current position. De Forrest begins working toward the destruction of the Berlin fortress, but he meets members of the underground and decides that it is German culture which is evil, not the Germans themselves. At length he escapes from Berlin and the Kaiser is forced to abdicate due to social pressure.

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