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Ciruguel, Richard. Richard Ciruguel was created by the French authors Maurice Renard (Doctor Lerne) and Albert Jean and appeared in Le Singe (1925).

Richard Ciruguel is a Mad Scientist. To the world he appears to be only a jewelry salesman, but when he is found dead outside the door of his apartment, and then multiple corpses of Ciruguel begin appearing around France, the police investigate and discover that he was a brilliant man who kept secret that he won the lottery and conducted a series of experiments which led to the accidental discovery of the secret of matter duplication. Ciruguel could duplicate any matter, but his attempts to duplicate living beings were failures. He could duplicate the bodies, which he did successfully with both animals and humans, but he could not make them live. He decided that he would create duplicates of himself and then reveal his discovery, as a way to gain funds, but he died of a heart attack before he could make the announcement. Unfortunately, Ciruguel was not a very good person, and his spirit begins dominating his sister-in-law and then possesses his brother.

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