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Cigarini, Giuseppe. Giuseppe Cigarini was created by Gilbert Frankau (Marcus Orlando, Kyra Sokratesco) and appeared in six stories which were collected in Wine, Women and Waiters (1932).

Giuseppe Cigarini is the “Great Joseph,” the miracle-working chef de restaurant at the Hotel Fantastic. He is a polite and worldly naturalized English citizen who came to England after a triumphant career in Italy as a chef. He is a member of the “real Monde,” consorts with them, and helps them with their problems, whether golf or romantic. However, it is just possible that in his past, and perhaps in his present, lies a long string of cleverly-executed and skillfully-concealed blackmails, which is how Cigarini got his fortune. After all, Cigarini claims to be a friend of the notorious Corsican bandit Rinaldo Rinaldini, so how reliable, really, can Cigarini be?

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