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Cigale. Cigale was created by “Paul D’Ivoi,” the pseudonym of the French author Paul Deleutre (Chevalier Illusion, Miss Mousqueterr, X.323), and appeared in four novels from 1900 to 1903, beginning with Docteur Mystère.

Cigale is a young Parisian orphan. He is courageous and in some ways innocent and can be described as an updated version of Gavroche, the patriotic street urchin from Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. In Doctor Mystery Cigale meets and befriends the mysterious Indian prince Rama Rundjee, dubbing him “Doctor Mystery.” Cigale accompanies Rundjee back to India and helps him avenge the death of his family. In India Cigale falls in love with Anoor, an Indian woman, but in Cigale in China he receives word that she has died. Cigale goes to China and finds Anoor again, but he is trapped in Peking when the Boxer Rebellion begins and is caught inside the Forbidden City. Cigale helps the French legation during the Boxer siege and helps the French diplomat Roseau-Fleuri foil the evil schemes of the Yellow Peril Emperor Tsou-Hsi, the “living Buddha.” In Massiliague of Marseille Cigale, in America, helps prevent a war between North and South America. And in The Seeders of Ice Cigale discovers his long-lost birth father in South America and investigates the 1902 explosion of Mt. Pelée on the Caribbean island of Martinique, which is revealed to have been caused by the schemes of an engineer, Olivio of Avarca.

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