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Ciclón (II). Ciclón (II) was created by “Avilés Balaguer,” the pseudonym of the Spanish author Manuel Vallvé López (Hércules), and appeared in Ciclón #1-6 (1942-1943).

Ciclón (II) is an air ace modeled on Bill Barnes. “Ciclón” is Fernando Aguirre, a Spanish pilot from the city Santander who fights evil in the skies over Europe, although his headquarters is in Spain. Aguirre is assisted by his team, which included Santi Echetorena, a Basque, Conrad Kroeger, a German, Mootar Bin, a Hindu, two Andalusians, and an Argentine.

Ciclón appeared in stories with titles like “The Winged Dragon,” “Wind of Insanity,” and “Golden Wings.”

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