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Chu-Sheng. Chu-Sheng was created by Eugene Thomas (Vivian Legrand, Mrs. Caywood Weston) and appeared in The Shadow of Chu-Sheng (1933), The Dancing Dead (1933), and Yellow Magic (1934).

Chu-Sheng is a Superhuman Yellow Peril. He is a Chinese deaf-mute with various paranormal abilities. Chu-Sheng works with the Japanese, aiding their espionage efforts against America. He is opposed by Bob Nicholson, an American government agent, and Nicholson’s friend and ally Lai Chung, a Mongol prince who works with the sangha of a group of lamas. The lamas provide the good magic, Nicholson provides the beefy fists, and together they defeat Chu-Sheng's schemes.

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