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Chibosh. Chibosh was created by George Kibbe Turner (Marcus Aurelius Browne, Mr. Holeman, Salesman, John Snaith) and appeared in five stories in The Saturday Evening Post in 1923, beginning with “The Phantom Factory and the Million Dollar Dog” (The Saturday Evening Post, Sept. 15, 1923). Chibosh is “that marvelous modern metropolis,” one of the largest, most prosperous and powerful cities in America. But Chibosh has a dirty secret: it is completely controlled by Michael F. Melody, the head of the People’s Political Forum, the “Phantom Factory” of various unions, and the Neighborhood Associations which control and manipulate the city government and elects the mayors Melody chooses. Melody is in fact “the most carefully unknown man in Chibosh,” and uses his anonymity to his advantage. Unfortunately for Melody, the honest women of Chibosh decide to get involved in politics and pack the Mayor’s Women Home Defenders “with real women,” and this leads to Melody’s downfall.

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