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Cherroff, Kayla. Kayla Cherroff was created by Edward Green and appeared in “The Sorceress of Vincennes” (Scarlet Adventuress, Oct. 1935) and “Dangerous Woman” (Scarlet Adventuress, Apr. 1936).

Kayla Cherroff is a Femme Fatale. Cherroff (née Sonia Vasitch) is a Russian who fled Russia when the Bolsheviks took power. Now, in the final years of World War One and after, she is “the lovely spy whose vagaries and inconsistencies, whose loves and intrigues upset the staid routine of the armies of France” and who “looted the military secrets of a dozen countries.” She is a freelance spy in Paris who seduces men, gets their secrets from them, and sells the secrets to the highest bidder. When she falls in love, her attempts to protect her chosen one ends badly. But she doesn’t let that slow her down too much, because there are always more men to seduce and sell out.

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