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Charlot. Charlot appeared in the French dime novel Les Aventures Comiques de Charlot Détective #1-16 (1922-1923); the series was reprinted and expanded in Italy in 1923 (as Le Avventure di Charlot #1-24) and in Turkey in 1924. In appearance and personality Charlot is modeled on Charlie Chaplin, and the covers of Les Aventures Comiques and Le Avventure di Charlot emphasized the resemblance, making both a kind of Celebrity Pulp.

Charlot is a comic, bumbling detective who is described as the lieutenant of Nik Parter, a Nick Carter (I) lift. Charlot is helped by Miss Rud and Passy, Parter’s other assistants. Despite his usual incompetence, Charlot nonetheless succeeds in getting his man. In Les Aventures Comiques #4, “Il Naufragio dell’ ‘Albatross’,” Charlot discovers the wreckage of the Albatross, Robur’s airship.

Charlot appears in stories with titles like “The Wizard of the Atlas,” “In the Land of the Sioux,” and “The Philosopher’s Stone.”

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