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Chapaev, Vasily. Vasily Chapaev (1887-1919) was a Russian peasant who became a Red Army officer during World War One and later died during the Russian Revolution. The Russian author Dmitry Furmanov turned Chapaev into a Russian folk hero with the Chapaev (1923), leading to eighteen years of movies, games and unofficial sequels about him.

The fictional Vasily Chapaev and his men are Cossacks who are used by Commissar Klychkov to further the cause of Bolshevism in Russia and the Ukraine. Chapaev and his men are brutal, filthy, and dangerous, but they have a rough good humor, are loyal to each other and to Klychkov, and are willing to die for their leader, Chapaev, and for the cause of Bolshevism.

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