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Chandu. Chandu was created by Harry Earnshaw (Detective Black) and appeared in the radio program Chandu the Magician (1932-1933, 1948-1950); Chandu also appeared in three movies.

Chandu is a Superhuman. Dr. Frank Chandler is a secret agent for the American government. He went to Tibet and India and stayed there for three years, learning hypnosis and the various mystic and occult "arts of the yogi." He then returned back home and began a war on crime and evil, using his powers against wickedness (although his “magic” is “impotent in the face of blind fear”). Chandu takes on enemies as various as common crooks and saboteurs, Roxor (a Mad Scientist with a death ray), a Yellow Peril Mad Scientist brahmin creating a death ray in secret labs in India. and ancient Lemurian cultists. The first story arc involves Chandu's search for Robert Regent, the husband of Chandu's sister Dorothy. Regent was supposed to have died in a shipwreck a decade previously, but Chandu, through his "occult powers," learns that Robert might still be alive as a prisoner of Roxor. Chandu goes to Egypt with Dorothy, where they eventually free Robert after various adventures, including Chandu's romance with Nadji, an Egyptian "princess." From there Chandu goes to "Monrovia," Algiers, a Romany camp in "Montabania," and Lemuria.

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