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Cawthorne, Fred. Fred Cawthorne was created by George Stratton (Sam Graves, Jack Marvin) and appeared in five stories in Electrical Experimenter from 1915 to 1916, beginning with “Omegon” (Electrical Experimenter, Sept. 1915).

Fred Cawthorne is a millionaire manufacturer and inventor of SCIENCE! who is foresighted enough to realize that the Yellow Peril, the "Oriental powers," are threatening America and has enough financial acumen to do something about it. When the "Japo-China" fleet threatens San Francisco, Cawthorne creates a submarine with electromagnetic clamps and ether-cannon which destroys the fleet. When Mexico allies with Japan and invades America, Cawthorne uses an airplane with a gravity nullifier to stop the enemy troops. Cawthorne destroys an enemy fleet with an electron ray. And when, near the end of the invasion, a Mexican bandit chief bothers the American forces, Cawthorne uses a "electromatograph," which can visualize on individuals from far away, to track the bandit down.

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