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Cator, Rex. Rex Cator was created by Herbert Macrae (Colossus, Devil-May-Care Dexter, Fighting Mac, Inspector Lynx, John Silence, Traka) and appeared in a number of stories in Triumph in 1930 and 1931, beginning with “The Scarlet Eagle Tattoo” (Triumph, Nov 1 1930).

Rex Cator is a Legionnaire. He is a cheeky young British recruit who has only recently joined the French Foreign Legion. Cator’s uncle, Samuel Cator, had been a Legionnaire and had left a fortune in the town of Sidi-el-Abbas, and so the penniless Rex joins the Legion to acquire the treasure. Unfortunately, the usual sort of Legion troubles—brutal sergeants, attacking Bedouin, sandstorms, etc—continually prevent Rex from getting the treasure. Rex is assisted by his Cockney friend Longshanks, “the world’s champion scrounger.”

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