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Caryll, Victor. Victor Caryll was created by Gerard Fairlie (Mr. Malcolm) and appeared in six short stories and three novels from 1927 to 1934, beginning with Scissors Cut Paper.

During World War One Victor Caryll was an Intelligence agent for the British. But now the war is over and Caryll is agreeably resigned to the life of a well-heeled clubman. However, Caryll’s friends begin getting in trouble, and Caryll takes it on himself to get them out of it. He likes helping his friends, and he particularly likes the thrill of adventure. He especially likes the prolonged duel he has with the master criminal the Octopus, the “man who laughs at the law.” He and Caryll have a sporting relationship, and both enjoy the duel as much as they do beating the other. Caryll has a hunter’s skills and despite being a very large man moves “as lightly as a panther.”

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