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Carruthers, Paul. Paul Carruthers was created by George Bricker and John T. Neville and appeared in the film The Devil Bat (1940).

Paul Carruthers is a Mad Scientist. He has been working with two industrialists to create new perfumes and aftershaves, but they have made millions from his work, while he foolishly sold them the rights to his work and only made a few thousand dollars. So Carruthers quite reasonably creates a new aftershave and then uses radiation to create giant bats, which he then trains to attack anyone wearing the new aftershave. Carruthers then gives the new aftershave to the children of the two industrialists. Of course, a meddling reporter finally undoes Carruthers’ plot and douses Carruthers in the aftershave, leading to Carruthers’ death from his own bats.

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