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Carlton, Queen Sue. Queen Sue Carlton was created by C.B. Yorke (Velma Dare) and appeared in nine stories in Gangster Stories from 1930 to 1932, beginning with “Queen of the Mob” (Gangster Stories, Jan. 1930).

Queen Sue Carlton is a Gun Moll. She is a lone wolf adventuress, smart, entirely fearless, wryly cynical, still young and attractive, and operating in New York and environs. Unlike many gun molls, Carlton is an organizer and boss, running her own gang (until they are all killed by the police), organizing rackets, and hobnobbing with and manipulating gang leaders and district attorneys. Carlton is more sentimental than many, less hot-tempered, and willing to kill bad men, even if it goes against her business interests. She carries a .38 in a leg holster.

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