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Carlier, Inspector. Inspector Carlier was created by “Havank,” the pseudonym of the Dutch author H. van der Kallen, and appeared in twenty-eight novels and short story collections from 1935 to 1959, beginning with Het Mysterie van St. Eustache; after van der Kallen’s death in 1964 twenty-four more novels were written by two other authors, through 1985. Carlier was the most popular detective in Dutch mystery fiction for over forty years.

Charles C.M. Carlier is a cocky inspector with the Paris police. He is known as “De Schaduw” (the shadow) because of his skill in following people–he sticks to them like a shadow. He begins as a sergeant, under Inspector Bruno Silvère, who is the main character in the series’ first ten novels, but from 1940 to 1959 Carlier was the series’ protagonist, and by the final novels in the series Carlier has become the head of Interpol.

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