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Carew, Rue. Rue Carew was created by Robert W. Chambers (Cardigan, Francis Gilland, Green Mouse Society, Westrel Keen, William Manners, Special Messenger, Percy Smith) and appeared in The Dark Star (1917); the novel was filmed in 1919.

A meteorite composed of material from a “dark star,” an “evil planet,” falls to Earth and is made into an image of Erlik, the “Prince of Darkness.” In the image are hidden the plans to Turkish fortifications. Rue Carew is the daughter of an American missionary in Turkey. The missionary, who owns the meteorite, dies and Carew, who played with the meteorite as a child and memorized the plans, gives the plans to her friend Jim Neeland, who is an agent of the French secret service. But German spies persuade Carew that Neeland is a German spy; the Germans capture Carew and Neeland on a liner and try to kill them, but Carew uses her skills with revolvers to free them both. Neeland later saves Carew from the German spies in Paris.

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