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Caradosso, Luigi. Luigi Caradosso was created by F.R. Buckley (Peg Leg Garfield) and appeared in forty stories in Adventure (U.S.) from 1924 through 1953, beginning with “Cartel to William Shakespeare” (Adventure (U.S.), Nov. 30, 1924).

Luigi Caradosso, a foundling of humble origin, is a free-lance soldier and captain of men in Italy from around 1520 to 1580. For thirty years Caradosso serves the Dukes of Rometia, eventually being pensioned off. As a youth he is a big, agile man, touchy in his honor and often vengeful, although he sees himself as a man of peace. (This, despite having thirty-seven scars, twelve on his face, and missing a little finger and the top of his right ear). He is a very capable fighter, especially good with the sword; he is the creator of the colpo di Caradosso, a thrust that seems aimed at the stomach but slices the artery just under the right ear. For the Dukes he fights duels, storms seemingly-impregnable castles, and carries out the various other tasks that a condottieri is called upon to perform.

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