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Captain Easy. Captain Easy was created by Roy Crane (Buz Sawyer) and appeared in the comic strip “Washington Tubbs II” (later “Wash Tubbs”) (1924-1983). “Wash Tubbs” is one of the two or three greatest adventure comic strips ever printed.

George Washington Tubbs II is better known as "Wash Tubbs." He is a small teenager from a tiny Midwestern town who dreams of wandering and of adventure during the long slow hours he spends clerking at the town grocery store. Soon enough his wanderlust gets the better of him, and he goes looking for sunken treasure in the South Seas. As time passes and he grows up, he teams up with Cozy Gallup, another young adventurer (though much cockier than down-to-earth Wash Tubbs), and they range across Africa, Mexico and North America looking for a big score. They meet a number of women, many of whom are enamored of Wash Tubbs, none more so than Tango, the whip-wielding tiger tamer.

Things really pick up when, in the prison of the flyspeck Balkan kingdom of Candelabra, Wash Tubbs meets "Captain Easy," an adventurer of mysterious background. It turns out that Captain Easy had eloped with a superior officer's daughter while at West Point and been expelled from the Point for it. From there he became a mercenary, serving in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. He had fought evil, overthrown tyrants, won wars, and helped peasants in Cuba, China, India, and in various fictional countries, including the small banana republic of Costa Grande, a country in a region of the Himalayas unknown to white men and somewhat resembling Shangri-La, in the Balkan nations of Hitaxia, Kleptomania, Nikkateena and Woopsydasia. Easy had been everywhere and done everything, although he describes himself only as a “beach-comber, boxer, cook, aviator, seaman, explorer, and soldier of artillery, infantry and cavalry”

Tubbs and Easy break out of the jail and go on a memorable series of adventures. Their longest trip is on board a whaler going from Holland to Alaska, where Easy helps Wash Tubbs beat Bull Dawson, a thick-necked, bullying sea captain and long-time nemesis of Tubbs'. Tubbs and Easy have a long series of adventures, but Wash Tubbs eventually finds himself a nice, respectable girl and decides to get married and settled down. Captain Easy continues to swashbuckle his way across the world, but when World War Two begins he returns to the U.S. and helps fight German and Japanese efforts in the U.S. He catches spies and saboteurs and eventually, after Pearl Harbor, regains his rank of Captain in the U.S. Army.

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