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Captain Trouble. Captain Trouble was created by Perley Poore Sheehan (Abu, Doctor Coffin, Kwa of the Jungle) and appeared in eight stories in Thrilling Adventures from 1932 to 1933, beginning with “Captain Trouble (The Fighting Fool)” (Thrilling Adventures, July 1932).

Pelham Rutledge Shattuck is a “freeborn American” whose father was a China trader and raised Shattuck in “Canton, Shanghai, Tientsin.” As a young man Shattuck becomes a wandering freebooter and adventurer. He gets into trouble with the Cheka in Manchuria (they believe he is involved in pro-Japanese activities), and then, in the “desert plains of Tibet’s Far West,” becomes involved with the local Changpa, who see him as “Shadak Khan,” the prophesied heir to the throne of Kubla Khan. Battles against hostile Tibetans, Chinese, and Russians follow. Shattuck is known as “Captain Trouble” (because of his unhappy life) and “the Fighting Fool” (because of his eagerness in battle).

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