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Captain Satan. Captain Satan was created by “William J. O’Sullivan,” the pseudonym of William R. Cox (Duke BagleyThe Bat (IV), Tom Kincaid, Malachi Manatee, Patrolman Murphy, Phil Towne, Dan Trout, John Wade), and appeared in Captain Satan #1-5 (1938).

Captain Satan is Cary Adair, a criminal who grew wealthy from his crimes and then suffered a crisis of conscience and began waging war on criminals. He is a grim, hard man who leads a group of similarly-reformed gangsters, “the Ambassadors of Hell,” whose members include Frenchie, Soapy, Doc, Happy, Big Bill, and Gentleman Dan. When he isn’t solving murders Adair robs from crime lords and redistributes their wealth to the poor and needy. In his guise as Captain Satan Adair pretends to be superhuman, and he uses the devil symbol on his chest in much the same way that the Spider (I) did, to frighten criminals. Adair also projects a devil symbol (by taping a cut-out devil figure onto a flashlight lens) to scare crooks.

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