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Captain Nighthawk. Captain Nighthawk appeared in a number of stories in The Startler in 1931 and 1932, beginning with “Man or Bird?” (The Startler, Aug. 8, 1931).

Captain Nighthawk is a Costumed Avenger. He is the adult son of a man who was swindled and ruined by “a gang of City sharks, known as the Circle of Six.” Nighthawk “made a vow that I’d hound down each one of the Six, and avenge my father’s death.” Nighthawk does so as a vigilante, in a costume, all in black, which leaves only his face free. He has electrically-powered wings which allow him to fly, “powerful lenses” over his eyes which give him night-vision, and steel claws on his hands which enable him to climb up walls.

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