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Captain Hazzard. Captain Hazzard was created by "Chester Hawks," the pseudonym of Paul Chadwick (Terry Dennis, Wade Hammond, Secret Agent X), and appeared in “Python Men of the Lost City” (Captain Hazzard #1, May 1938).

Captain Hazzard is a Superhuman modeled on Doc Savage. Hazzard is a master of technology and advanced science, as well as an "ace adventurer, conqueror of fear, and master of modern science." As a child Hazzard lost his sight, and to compensate he developed his other senses to the human peak. He also developed limited telepathy and the ability to project his thoughts across long distances. An operation restores his eyesight, and Hazzard is inspired to use his new good fortune to help others. He sets up a laboratory on Long Island and acquires a group of sidekicks and operatives, including the bald mathematician Washington MacGowan, the cowboy Jake Cole, and the duo of Crawley and Randall, who have a (undoubtedly coincidental) resemblance to Doc Savage’s aides Monk and Long Tom. In his lone appearance Hazzard fights against a volcano-wielding madman.

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