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Capitán Misterio. Capitán Misterio was created by the Spanish creator Emilio Freixas (Nameless Knight) and appeared in the comic strip “El Capitán Misterio” (Colección Mosquito & El Gran Chicos, 1944-1949).

Capitán Misterio is a Superhuman Costumed Avenger modeled on the Phantom (III). His true identity is unknown, and he wears a mask, bearing a skull symbol, at all times. (He goes about bare-chested at all times as well). Capitán Misterio, who has superhuman hypnotic abilities, fights on behalf of the colonial forces of the West, usually the British, against various indigenous rebels, in India, Southeast Asia, and in Africa. Misterio goes beyond the Phantom in persuading natives who are seeking independence that their wisest course of action is to remain under colonial rule. (Misterio takes on the usual would-be world conquerors as well). In Africa Misterio encounters a Lost Race ruled by the Queen of Tanit. Misterio is accompanied by Pancho, a herculean African, and by Balin, a young Spaniard.

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