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Campfire Girls (I). The Campfire Girls (I) were created by Jane Stewart and appeared in the six-volume “Campfire Girls” series, beginning with The Camp Fire Girls in the Woods (1914) and ending with The Camp Fire Girls at the Sea Shore (1914).

Bessie King and her best friend Zeta run away from their wicked guardians and join the Camp Fire Girls; King believes she is an orphan, and Zeta’s mother is dead and her father is in jail on fraudulent charges. King and Zeta have adventures with the Camp Fire Girls, including interacting with the Romany (Gypsy), foiling kidnapers, beating the boys at sports, showing up snooty city girls, and saving Zeta's father from a counterfeiting charge. At the end of the series Zeta’s father is free and newly wealthy and King is reunited with her parents.

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