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Campenhaye, Paul. Paul Campenhaye was created by J.S. Fletcher (Turco Bullworthy, Ronald Camberwell, Sergeant Charlesworth, Archer Dawe, Richard Goulburn, Inspector Skarratt) and appeared in six stories in The Red Magazine and Top-Notch and a novel and a collection of stories from 1913 to 1914, beginning with “The Tobacco-Box” (The Red Magazine, Mar. 1, 1913).

Paul Campenhaye is an English consulting detective. He is of the middle class but serves the upper classes and usually ends up apprehending members of the upper classes, often quite dangerous ones, even ones too clever for Campenhaye. Campenhaye is Watsoned by solicitor and town clerk Danthorpe, who isn’t nearly the duffer that Watson is.

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