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Calvert, Lightnin’. Lightnin’ Calvert was created by W.B.M. Ferguson (Lisping Jimmie Blunt, Daniel Cluer, Biff Corrigan) and appeared in “Lightnin’ Calvert” (The Popular Magazine, Nov. 7 1926-Jan 7, 1927) and “The Reckoning” (The Popular Magazine, Feb. 25-Mar. 31, 1928).

Peter Calvert is the child of “a squaw man and his Comanche bride,” and was named “Flying Arrow” by his tribe as “a tribute to his quickness, mental and physical.” Growing up with them, he learned many things, from “how to cut sign, read signal smoke and shoot the heads off prairie chickens with his bow and arrow” as well as how to read and write. His tribe is killed by the U.S. Cavalry, and Calvert is taken in by wandering con man and swindler “Cun’l Ambrose Moon, of the Moons of Tennessee,” and Calvert learns the skills of the grifter from him. As an adult, Calvert avenges the rape and murder of his half-sister and then becomes a wandering cowboy do-gooder. Calvert gains the name “lightnin’” because of the speed of his hands with gun and knife.

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