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Calvert, Kid. Kid Calvert was created by Phil Richards and appeared in four stories in Western Aces in 1935, beginning with “Horde of Hated Men” (Western Aces, Feb. 1935).

Kid Calvert is an outlaw and the leader of a band of outlaws. His men, the Horde, are “Calvert’s wild bunch of unbroken, untamed human mustangs, the roughest string that ever bucked injustice and crooked law…wanted men, killers, bait for the gallows—desperate, fate-badgered citizens of the lawless trails.” Calvert himself is “waspish of waist, with shoulders like the walking beam of a river steamboat.” He rides “Star, the steel-dust stallion.” The Horde’s bitterest enemy is the female Sheriff Terry, Calvert’s Loving Enemy.

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