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Calkins, Ajax. Ajax Calkins was created by “Martin Pearson,” the pseudonym of Donald Wollheim, and appeared in four short stories in Future Fiction and Science Fiction in 1941 and 1942, beginning with “Pogo Planet” (Future Fiction, Nov. 1941); the stories were later rewritten into Destiny’s Orbit (1962) and Destination Saturn (1967).

Ajax Calkins is a young, well-to-do Canadian who dreams of adventure and conquest, so when the opportunity arises to conquer one of the asteroids around Jupiter, Calkins jumps at it. But the Earth-Mars Space Administration frowns on this sort of thing, especially because the Saturnians aren’t happy with the EMSA or humanity to begin with, and the EMSA assigns a pretty agent to deal with Calkins. Calkins ignores her and goes to Mars, picks up an intelligent spider sidekick, and then goes to the asteroid Ajax. Romance (with the EMSA agent) and war (with the Saturnians) follow.

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