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Cakyrodlu, Orhan. Orhan Cakyrodlu was created by the Turkish author Murat Akdodan and appeared in Orhan Cakyrodlu #1-31 (1941-1942).

Orhan Cakyrodlu is a Turkish policeman who works the city streets of Istanbul and Ankara, solving nasty crimes in this pseudo-police procedural potboiler series. “One of the most intrepid men in the world and able to endure anything,” Cakyrodlu is a master of disguise, a former spy, a former circus acrobat, and a former lawyer. Cakyrodlu has in the past solved cases in Turkey, the Near East, and throughout the Balkans. He is physically sound, a Turkish patriot, and is generous and humble.

Cakyrodlu appears in stories with titles like “The Horrific Fate of Cakyrodlu,” “Mystery of the Ruined Minaret at Bursa,” and “Who’s This Corpse?”

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