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Cagliostro. Giuseppe Balsamo (1743-1795), an Italian traveler, charlatan and humbug, became better known as the magician “Cagliostro.” He appeared in the Chilean author Vicente Huidobro’s story serial “Cagliostro” (Mío Cid, 1921-1922; as a novel, 1922).

Huidobro’s Cagliostro is centuries-old, having learned the magical arts from an Egyptian priest of Isis. Long ago he swore never to use his Superhuman abilities to violate the laws of nature, but he does just that by magically killing his wife and then foretelling his own death. Cagliostro’s fellow magi punish Cagliostro for these acts, and Cagliostro eventually disappears with the body of his wife, searching for a way to magically resurrect her.

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