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Burnit, Bobby. Bobby Burnit was created by George Randolph Chester (“Get Rich Quick” Wallingford, Jimmy Wallingford) and appeared in five stories and serials in The Saturday Evening Post in 1908, beginning with “His Father’s Business” (Saturday Evening Post, May 2, 1908).

Bobby Burnit is a pleasant, athletic young man without a care in the world, much brains, or many interests aside from “healthy amusements and Agnes Ellison.” Unfortunately, Bobby’s father dies unexpectedly and leaves Bobby control of the entire John Burnit Store, all three million dollars worth of it. Bobby immediately runs to Agnes for advice and to ask her, for the tenth time, to marry him. She declines, being much more mature and sensible than he, but gives him good advice on how to run the Store. Burnit soon discovers that business is entirely more complicated and unscrupulous than he’d anticipated, but he gets help, both from Agnes and from a series of letters which Bobby’s father had written to Bobby for Bobby to read when he inherited the business. Bobby eventually triumphs and wins Agnes’ hand.

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