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Burnham, Rolph. Rolph Burnham was created by Thomson Burtis (Brad AllenRex Donovan, Slim Evans, Russ Farrell, Stormy Lake, Rex Lee, Dumpy Scarth, Yankee Flier) and appeared in five stories in four pulps from 1944 to 1947, beginning with “Death At The Big Show” (Detective Novel Magazine, Apr. 1944).

Rolph Burnham, the “greatest animal trainer in the world,” is “co-partner in the Young-Burnham Circus and top star of the circus world, was far from being a softie. In fact, he was a hardy of hardies.” He works in motion pictures with thirty male lions and tigers “which formed the greatest wild-animal act ever known to show business.” (He does use a bullwhip on his lions and bulls and elephants, though). When he performs he has a “terrific nervous energy and tension” and finds a “tingling joy” in his work. During World War One he was a pilot in the German Air Force, but he fought against the rise of fascism in Italy and Germany and was forced to flee Germany because of it. He became an American citizen and then joined the American counter-espionage effort as “X One.” In addition that, he solves crimes.

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