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Burma, Nestor. Nestor Burma was created by the French author Léo Malet and appeared in thirty-six novels, six films, a television program, and various comic books from 1943 to 1981, beginning with 120, Rue de la Gare.

Nestor Burma is the quintessential French private detective, just as Jules Maigret is the quintessential French policeman. Known as “L'homme qui Met le Mystère K.O.” (the man who knocks out mystery), Nestor Burma is the top (and only) detective for the Fiat Lux Agency. Burma’s adventures begin during World War Two and take place in the 1940s and 1950s. In his youth he was a left-wing anarchist but he grew more cynical as he aged. He is clever enough to catch the criminals of Paris, is a ladies’ man, and holds strongly to his personal code of ethics. He is sometimes assisted by the reformed burglar Zavatter and also by Hélène, the secretary of Fiat Lux, who is in love with Burma. Burma’s relations with the police are cool.

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