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Burlingame, Otto. Otto Burlingame was created by John Marvell and appeared in “Burlingame the Magnificent” (Mystery League, Oct. 1933) and “Burlingame Draws Two” (Mystery League, Dec. 1933).

Otto Burlingame is a Con Man. The jovial and kindly Burlingame, he of the snowy mane of hair, exquisite suits, piercing eyes, and grandiloquent manner, is a grifter and swindler who preys on criminals and bad men. In his own words, "We are the scourge of the knave, and the terror of the unprincipled. Where the strong arm of the law cannot grope we enter and carry on, bringing justice to the malefactor, balm to our consciences, and cash to our exchequer." He is (nominally) assisted by the younger, working class, jittery Mr. Yates.

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