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Burl. Burl was created by "Murray Leinster," the pseudonym of William Fitzgerald Jenkins (Black Bat (I), Malay Collins, Preston, Kim Rendell), and appeared in three stories in Argosy and Science Fiction Plus from 1920 to 1953, beginning with “The Mad Planet” (Argosy Weekly, June 12, 1920); the stories were collected in The Forgotten Planet (1954).

Burl is a human being on a distant planet which was seeded with basic life forms–fungi, plants, and bugs–by Earth but through an administrative error was never seeded with animal forms and was forgotten. When a space liner was wrecked on the planet, centuries ago, the survivors of the crash found that the world was filled with spiders, butterflies, and other insects grown to colossal sizes. Generations passed, and the survivors reverted to the level of the Stone Age, surviving on fungi and the meat of those insects which they could catch. Burl is the leader of one tribe, and after extended exertions he discovers planning and deep thought and leads his people to begin rebuilding civilization.

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