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Burke, Jerry (II). Jerry Burke (II) was created by “Asa Baker,” the pseudonym of Davis Dresser (Twister Malone, Michael Shayne, Pat Stevens), and appeared in Mum’s the Word for Murder (1938) and Kissed Corpse (1939).

Jerry Burke (II) is a former Texas ranger and the current “coordinator of all the law enforcement agencies in El Paso and general cleaner-up of the local crime situation.” He is a graying, fifty-something, “big rugged man, deceptively tall and heavy…(with an) outward placidity.” He is plain, direct, “laconic for an Irishman...his very simplicity, his utter fearlessness and the brilliance of his remarkable deductive mind.” He is Watsoned by Asa Baker, who is often infuriated by Burke’s insistence on being in possession of all the relevant facts before acting.

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