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The Burglars’ Club. The Burglars’ Club was created by Henry A. Hering (Mr. Psyche) and appeared in the story serials “The Chronicles of the Burglars’ Club” (Cassell’s Magazine, June-Nov. 1904) and “The Chronicles of the Burglars’ Club” (Pearson’s Magazine (US), Jan-Nov. 1905).

In the words of one of its members, the Burglars’ Club consists of

men who’ve pretty well exhausted the pleasures of life. We’ve all been in the army or the navy, all of us are sportsmen, most are statesmen, and we are bachelors; so there isn’t much excitement left for us. We’ve started a Burglars’ Club to help things on a bit. The entrance fee is a town burglary, the subject to be set by our President, and every other year each member has to keep up his subscription by a provincial line.

But the subjects burgled are things like the crozier of the Bishop of Bister or the best cigars of a noted financier, and when the burglar steals them he discovers that the financier is deep in debt, and so, of course, arranges matters so that the financier is saved from ruin. There are a dozen members of the Burglars’ Club, and they have strict requirements for entry, sportsmanship and ability high among them. Nor are they always able to achieve their required goal; when one assignment is the last thirty pages of Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, the Club member’s maid accidentally burns them to light a fire.

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