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Bureau of Abnormal Litigation. The Bureau of Abnormal Litigation was created by Hugh Pendexter (Jeff Fanchon, Tiberius Smith) and appeared in thirteen stories in a variety of pulps from 1905 to 1914, beginning with “The Bureau of Abnormal Litigation" (Saturday Evening Post, Aug 26 1905).

“The Bureau of Abnormal Litigation is called upon as a last resort in peculiar cases. In many instances we refuse to accept a retainer because of the absence of any unique ingredient in the case,” stated Ezra Stackpole Butterworth, eccentric lead council and Bureau founder. “I’m not a detective. But if there were any cause for action, I would set to work to make out a case.” “The Bureau of Abnormal Litigation isn’t insane. We take unusual methods, yet methods that are simple. We appeal to the common sense of a court by eschewing tiresome technicalities, and we make use of trivial matters that from their very seeming lack of importance are styled abnormal!”

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