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Bunn, Smiler. Smiler Bunn was created by Bertram Atkey (Dragour, Easy Street Experts, Prosper Fair, Hobart Honey, George H. Jay, Mesmer Milann, Winnie O'Wynn) and appeared in sixty stories and serials and nine novels and collections from 1910 to 1940, beginning with “The Adventure of ‘The Brain’” (The Grand Magazine, Jan. 1910).

Smiler Bunn is a Con Man. He is a light-hearted crook who swindles those who enrich themselves illegally. He is clever, devious, and quick on his feet, as a swindler and a burglar, but he is never cruel. His career as a crook has brought him wealth and comfort, and during the stories he is middle-aged and fat. He is assisted by his friend Henry Black, "the Squire."

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