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Buller, Marcus. Marcus Buller was created by “Richard Essex,” the pseudonym of Richard Starr (Maxim Law, Lessinger, Jack Slade) and appeared in a number of stories in Young Britain, Chums, and Chums Annual from 1919 to at least 1940, beginning with “The Little Mystery of Locksleigh Hall” (Young Britain, Jun. 14, 1919).

Marcus Buller is a Fop. He is a “lord by birth, and a millionaire because he had no choice in the matter,” and always wears a top hat, monocle, and evening dress. After 1923 he is heavily influenced by Peter Wimsey, although Buller predates Wimsey. Buller is affected, but underneath his affectations there is a hard streak. During World War One he “executed several dangerous commissions under the Secret Service,” and while solving crimes he proves that he can hold his own in a fight and stick through to the end of a case no matter the danger he faces. He doesn’t accept fees on cases, takes commissions only when he chooses, flaunts the law when he’s in the mood and will help reform criminals rather than turn them over to the police.

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