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Buck & Gumbo. Buck & Gumbo were created by Stephen Payne (Blondy, Tubby Morrison) and appeared in a number of stories in Masked Rider Western in 1944, beginning with “Borrowed Hosses” (Masked Rider Western, Jan. 1944).

Buck & Gumbo are a poor pair of wandering cowpunchers who do what they can to make money. This often involves posing as Stock Association Detectives and having “humorous” adventures. Bucko Brewster is “about as long as a lariat rope and not much thicker through neither…he’s the kind o’ buckaroo whose feet wander around in the sagebrush when he’s astraddle a little pony. As for me, Gumbo, I kinder to t’other extreme. When I’m well-fed my mid-section fits snug into a sixteen-inch saddle tree. Not that I’ve been well-fed for longer’n I can remember.”

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