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Bryn, Ben. Ben Bryn was created by “Russell Gray,” the pseudonym of Bruno Fischer (Ethan Burr, Ben Helm, Calvin Kane, Rick Train) and appeared in six stories in Dime Mystery Magazine in 1939 and 1940, beginning with “The Dead Hand Horrors” (Dime Mystery Magazine, Apr. 1939).

Ben Bryn is a Superhuman Disabled Detective. As a child Bryn was crippled by polio. He compensated by constant exercise, and as a result developed a strong upper body. As an adult he put himself through a grueling set of exercises which eventually restored his legs almost to normal as well as granted him superhuman strength. Now he is a “broad-shouldered, handsome young man with curly blonde hair and a sensitive face. His blue eyes were friendly.” Despite his disability he is one of the most feared private detectives in New York State. He is barely five feet tall.

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