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Brunton, Harry. Harry Brunton was created by David H. Keller (Cecil of Cornwall, Taine, Wing Loo) and appeared in “The Conquerors” (Science Wonder Stories, Dec. 1929-Jan. 1930) and “The Evening Star” (Science Wonder Stories, Apr-May 1930).

Sir Harry Brunton is a British explorer who is sent by the British government to investigate the threat posed to America and humanity itself by The Conquerors, a race of Big-Headed Dwarf Geniuses who have imposed a complete ban on air flight over Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina and forced the inhabitants of those states to evacuate. Brunton investigates and discovers that The Conquerors are a subterranean offshoot of humanity who intend to CONQUER THE WORLD!, wipe out surface civilization and then, with their advanced science, move to Venus. But The Conquerors are ailing, and when Brunton discovers the cure he gets The Conquerors to agree not to exterminate humanity. The Conquerors agree, although Brunton must accompany them to Venus.

In the sequel The Conquerors and Brunton travel to Venus, which is inhabited by a variety of monsters, and encounter The Masters, übermenschen who have been watching over humanity for millennia. The conflict with the monsters unbalances The Conquerors, who crash their ship into Venus, killing themselves.

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