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Browning and Co. Browning and Co. were created by the French author José Moselli (Marcel Dunot, M. Dupont, Jean Flair, Iko Térouka, Fédor Ivanovitch Sarraskine, John Strobbins, Baron Cesare Stromboli, Jack Temple, Wasili Tchorok, Andreas Vollmer) and appeared in Le Cri-Cri #212-854 (Oct. 19, 1922-Feb. 7, 1935).

Browning and Co. is a world-famous detective agency consisting of two men, the American Tom Browning and the Frenchman Cesaire Rabascasse, who scour the world looking for criminals. Their cases bring them to Spitzberg, Fiji, London, Macedonia, and the Pyramids of Egypt; in one case they are hired by Haile Selaisse to recover the plans to King Solomon’s Mines. During cases one of the pair is usually captured by criminals and is rescued by the other detective. The criminals the pair pursue are on the more pulpish side, including El Cobra, a Spaniard with a high-tech torch for burglaries and a giant iron pot for boiling his enemies alive in, and a Canaque who attempts to avenge himself on the white race by killing randomly with black widow spiders.

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