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Browne, Marcus Aurelius. Marcus Aurelius Browne was created by George Kibbe Turner (Chibosh, Mr. Holeman, Salesman, John Snaith) and appeared in three stories in The Saturday Evening Post in 1924, beginning with “The Bitter Cry of the Harpooned” (The Saturday Evening Post, May 17, 1924).

Marcus Aurelius Browne is a newly-graduated Ph.D. in journalism who goes to New York City. Browne is carrying a recommendation from his father to one of his father’s old friends, along with $1000 to invest in exchange for valuable advice on becoming a journalist. Unfortunately, the old friend of Browne’s father turns out to be one of the We Boys, a trio of blackmailers and swindlers who pretend to be reporters in order to extort money from their victims. Browne discovers their perfidy and with the help of mousy librarian Julia K. Judd turns tables on them and saves his $1000 and the fortune of a millionaire. Browne decides to become a spokesman and defender for the poor millionaires being “harpooned” and hunted by vicious muckrakers and journalists.

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